The best predictive maintenance for your industry.

Experienced in predictive techniques and maintenance management, Semapi has become a specialist in various industrial segments. Knowing the needs of each one and creating specific solutions for each type of industry.

A solution for every need.

Each plant has its particularities and requires a specific standard of service to guarantee the operational availability of the equipment, never forgetting the cost-benefit balance. Keeping this in mind, Semapi offers a large variety of products, services, and contract models:

Full team assigned at the customer's plant. 

In this modality, we provide specialized labor assigned full-time at the customer's plant. Specialists in predictive techniques, lubrication, PCM, and managers are at your exclusive disposal.

The team sizing is based on the volume of material and the frequency of collection per technique. They are also supported by Semapi's engineering department.

Collection team assigned to the customer's plant

In this modality, we provide a technical staff assigned full-time to the customer's plant. These technicians are trained in vibration data collection, thermography, and oil analysis. The data collected is sent to Semapi's engineering center, from where it is analyzed by specialists and all reports are generated. It is a great option for those who want Semapi's quality services at an affordable price. In addition, testing can be switched to online detection, so your equipment will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Predictive spot equipment.

In this modality, we provide specialized manpower that makes daily visits to the customer's plant. Technicians in predictive (see available techniques), lubrication and PCM make visits to perform collections and measurements. This is a great option for those who want an assigned specialist and may not have an entire month. In addition, testing can be switched to online detection, leaving your equipment monitored 24/7. The team sizing is based on the number of equipment and the periodicity of collection per technique. In addition, they are supported by Semapi's engineering center.

In this modality, we install IoT vibration and temperature sensors in the equipment, with gateways that automatically send the data to the cloud, which in turn are sent to Semapi's engineering center. At the center, the data is analyzed and reports are generated with equipment status and intervention recommendations, all quickly and easily. So you can be sure that a specialist is keeping a close eye on your equipment. This is a great option for those who want an assigned specialist and do not have an entire month. In addition to this, testing can switch to online monitoring, leaving your equipment monitored 24/7. The team sizing is based on the number of equipment and the frequency of pickup per technician. In addition, they are supported by Semapi's engineering center.

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Semapi Servicos Colorido

Predictive analysis techniques in the field.

Semapi Equipamentos Colorido

Remote sensor-based data collection in the field.

Mantec Colorido

Intelligent maintenance and asset
management system.

Evolution of maintenance techniques

  • Repair it when is damaged


  • Reactive model


  • Corrective maintenance
  • Time-based preventive


  • Planning and Control
    Planning and maintenance
  • Condition-based preventive


  • Predictive maintenance


  • Computerized systems


  • RCFA - Failure Analysis and Analysis of Causes
  • Maintenance Design

  • Achieving "more" with "less".

  • Maintenance focused on Reliability

  • Designs that facilitate maintenance.

  • World-class maintenance






High-cost Low availability

Best cost Best availability Low Reliability

Optimal cost High-reliability High availability

Qualified and certified professionals


Technical qualification

Engineers with extensive experience make the Technical Support and Consulting they provide highly effective. Qualified technical staff with expertise in industrial activity and predictive maintenance.

Especialistas em implantação

MSP - Problem-Solving Method
FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Specialized technicians and engineers
Specialized IT support team,
hardware and software maintenance

Internal development

Data processing technology
Bachelor's degree in Information Systems
DBA - Database Administrator

Consulting and training


Predictive maintenance-oriented



Focus on asset maintenance management.

Semapi Environment

Since 1987, Semapi has prided itself on offering effective solutions that contribute to sustainable development.

How does predictive maintenance contribute to the environment?


Companies that ignore environmental issues sometimes have a significant impact on the environment.

According to IBAMA data, one ton of oil discharged directly into the soil or water is equivalent to the domestic sewage of 40,000 people.

Maintaining a strict predictive maintenance routine ensures that machines always operate more efficiently, with a positive impact on the environment.

Through techniques such as thermography and vibration analysis, it is possible to evaluate the performance of equipment and prevent damage to the environment.

Ensure you have an effective predictive maintenance routine in place to prevent production problems and negative consequences for the environment.

Semapi is your partner for sustainable economic development. Preserving the environment is preserving life.


See what our customers think about our products and services.

Inovação e centralização do processo em um só ambiente, com maior controle e transparência.

Luiza Mesquita
Coordenadora de Compras

Hoje o principal resultado que consigo expor é a facilidade que a equipe operacional tem na solicitação dos pedidos de trabalho, o que trouxe mais agilidade e eficácia no conhecimento da gestão aos problemas existentes nos equipamentos.

Emerson Leão
Analista de Logística

Com a Semapi ganhamos mais confiabilidade nas manutenções, com um aumento considerável na disponibilidade de equipamentos e da equipe de manutenção, e consequentemente menor índice de quebras dos equipamentos.

José Mauricio Felix
Analista de Projetos

Após a implantação da preditiva, reduzimos falhas imprevistas, melhoramos o cronograma de paradas programadas impactando diretamente no aumento da disponibilidade das máquinas.

Gustavo Pires
Coordenador de Manutenção
Fernandez S/A - Indústria de Papel

SEMAPI Clients

Meet some companies that trust their maintenance and supplies to SEMAPI.

We operate in the following sectors

Building management
Goods and services commerce
Food industry
Car industry
Cement industry
Civil construction
Electrical and electronics industry
Packaging industry

Energy industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Tool industry
Fertilizer industry
Hospital industry
Sanitary accessories industry
Furniture industry
Paper industry
Oil and gas industry
Plastic industry

Chemical industry
Coating industry
Ceramic industry
Iron and steel industry
Textile industry
Glass industry